Jarec Blake is a Denver-Based Singer-Songwriter He just released second project "Don't Wait - Acoustic EP"(05/2018). It is an experimental approach to both personal journals and thought provoking themes. His sound is influenced by all music from The Mamas and the Papas to Pharrell and he actively seeks new inspiration in HipHop, Rock n' Roll, Latin Jazz, Blues and R&B. His main focus is the expression of emotion and thought through his self produced music and unique lyricism. His goal as an artist is to bring people together through music and to provoke thought and ways of living with themes ranging from feel-good, lazy days to social and political topics. Aside from the business of music his main goal is to have fun creating music that can connect people and make a difference.

Experimenting with his new sound, he plans to expand his abilities as a self produced artist by bringing in more musical and topical variety to his listeners. From "Torn" a personal tale of uncertainty, to "don't wait" the title song of the EP, a message to anyone uncertain about following their dreams to not wait, he is expanding his sound with heavier influences in hiphop and r&b, while honing his use of blues influenced rock n' roll. 

If you would like to know more about what is going on, how you can help or get in contact, you can get in touch through most major social media @jarecblake and through his email:


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    At age 7, Jarec began guitar after seeing Slash(Guns & Roses) play on television. Since then he has taken from various genres of music and attempted to learn how to play along with all of them. As a self taught guitarist, after many years, he began to combine his love of poetry and writing with his music by recording self produced music. Before long, he was putting together Ideas for projects and after many unsuccessful attempts, he found a sound that embodied his desire to play, write, experiment and expand. Now, he is currently recording this first conceptual project, Silhouette, and plans to release the EP in the summer of 2016