Don't Wait (Acoustic) - EP

Jarec Blake

"Don't Wait." is a continuation of the Singer-Songwriters acoustic styled sounds in his last project(Silhouette EP). Continuing his search for new ways of expression. He has incorporated Blues-Rock, HipHop and popular music styles into "Don't Wait.", a preview of what is to come. Through his lyrics sonic expression and topical variety, Jarec aims to encourage listeners to follow their dreams and surround themselves with like minded people and loved ones.

"Nothing is more satisfying that the truth. I think happiness comes from knowing a truth or knowledge of something true. I feel like too many people are looking for happiness in a lie that someone told them. Don't Wait. to try your truth Don't Wait. to be happy Don't Wait. to be you." ~Jarec Blake

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Silhouette is a conceptual project focused on the life of a man realizing his place in society.