Kagiso "KG" Mogadingoane (born 1992) is a South African born drummer, musician, composer, producer & educator. Based in Denver, Atlanta and Georgia, he is best known for drumming with  "CourierGT"  & "The Chroniklez (Hip-hop group) and is currently collaborating on a project with Jarec Blake. 

KG picked up drumming later on at 19-years-old but has been involved with music since age 9. He began his musical journey through classical training on guitar at age 14 but never let that stop him. Since then, he has headlined with groups in venues like Cervantes, Summit Music Hall, Marquis theatre, WhatFest and more! Some of the musical influences are in traditional South African music, Jazz & R&B and various artists he discovered through his independent studies since he began playing. This love for music eventually led him to experience Jimi Hendrix and Rock & Roll, eventually driving him to start a local music career. In Starting in Denver his dedication quickly grew to playing out of state festivals with opportunities to open for Headlining act such as 2Chainz, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Flobots, The Lox, & Tory Lanez.

Though he has accomplished so much already, he still aspires to learn more and spread his knowledge and passion to anyone who wants be as great as the people who inspire them.  KGBDrums